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Jul 20, 2018

Entrepreneurs and high-performers are always looking for opportunities worth their time and money.

For some, you’ll experiment with investing in businesses, and for others, you may start your own.

On today’s episode we chat with Ryan Mandley, co-founder of Gallon Gear, who’s company mission is to help the World drink more water.

… And that’s just his side-hustle.

Ryan is also a leading real estate expert with more than a decade of experience.

He’s seen the highs and lows in the housing market during his career, and has insights to offer you whether you’re an agent or an investor.

During this interview, we talk about:

  • How Ryan created Gallon Gear (and how it’s changed from prototype to shipped product)
  • The ups and downs of physical products
  • Amazon problems
  • Where Ryan has seen the most success selling online
  • What it’s like running ads for physical products on Facebook and Instagram
  • Are we headed towards a 2008-like real estate crash?
  • What to look for in a bank when you’re purchasing a home (especially your first one)


  • “As soon as you think you have something figured out, something could change, and then you have to reinvent yourself.” – Ryan Mandley

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