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Aug 10, 2018

Andre Wadsworth is a former 3rd Overall NFL pick, making his professional debut in 1998 with the Arizona Cardinals.

After 3 years in the league, Andre began shifting his attention towards being of influence to his family and community.

Starting one of the fastest growing churches in America, 6 car dealerships, and many business and franchise-plays later, he’s steadily developing the culture and people he can reach with his earned influence.

A couple of things to listen for in this episode:

  • The impact Andre’s first year as a professional player made on his personal life
  • Andre’s (surprising) advice to young athletes
  • Who to trust (and how to avoid getting ripped-off as a pro athlete)
  • How Andre lost money as a pro athlete (and what he should’ve done instead)
  • The problem with many celebrities and athletes that develop platforms face
  • How Andre leveraged a pro-sports career into an entrepreneurial success story
  • Andre’s advice for raising a family as a busy athlete or business person


  • “Your name is important.” – Andre Wadsworth
  • “Don’t be scared to fail.” – Andre Wadsworth
  • “You can make good decisions and still lose money.” – Andre Wadsworth
  • “It’s a necessity of life to give back.” – Andre Wadsworth


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