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Aug 17, 2018

Being “healthy” has taken on a definition these days that’s typically associated with “physical attractiveness” – which can deter people from ever getting started.

Enter David Freeman.

He has a completely different view on words like “health”, “wellness”, and “alpha”.

After attending the University of Richmond on a football scholarship David played for teams in Denmark and France before being drafted to the All-American Football League (AAFL). Before kickoff, the AAFL postponed its launch which triggered a switch in careers.

That’s when David turned to personal training.

These days David inspires his clients and community to transform their outlook on fitness and make lifelong changes to improve their health.

A couple of things to listen for in this episode: 

  • The leadership lessons David learned being a captain of a winning team (and what happened during their first losing season)
  • The crazy story of David getting turned down his first interview to be a personal trainer
  • The call David got on his honeymoon that changed his career
  • A powerful exercise that holds you accountable (and practically guarantees your success)
  • How “healthy” has taken on a completely different (and wrong) definition
  • David’s advice for entrepreneurs to stay healthy
  • What it means to be “alpha” in the modern day
  • How David approaches leadership
  • A new way to look at “ROI”
  • Applying the “Love Languages” framework to working with people


  • “Mind right. Body right.” – David Freeman
  • “You have to have a winning mentality regardless of the outcome.” – David Freeman
  • “You need to have clear objectives of what you’re trying to accomplish.” – David Freeman


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