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Aug 24, 2018

Today we’re giving you a peak behind the curtain as we sit down with AWM CAP’s Associate Planner, Chase Dominguez.

Pro athletes, you’re going to relate with Chase’s opportunity to play in the NFL (as a long snapper for the Saints) and how he’s translated his work ethic and discipline into his professional career.

Professionals and entrepreneurs will love hearing about Chase’s outlook on his career path and journey.

We’re proud to have him on board and we’re excited that he shared his wisdom on today’s show!

A couple of things to listen for in this episode:

  • How, as a long snapper, Chase got to play for the New Orleans Saints
  • The classroom moment Chase experienced that inspired him to help athletes make wise financial decisions
  • Chase’s words of wisdom for professional athletes
  • The “grim reaper” moment Chase had with the Saints
  • The one time Chase was a high-school football coach
  • Chase’s take on the “millennial mentality”
  • Who impacted Chase the most in life
  • The best investment Chase has ever made


  • “Take advantage of every opportunity that you can.” – Chase Dominguez
  • “The more people you know, the better.” – Chase Dominguez
  • “Don’t take everything for granted.” – Chase Dominguez


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