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Feb 24, 2020


In this episode, we breakdown the incredible opportunity an amateur player has to become a professional baseball player. We detail what's the probability, the career trajectory, and pathway to navigate the MLB Draft process successfully.

It's hard to encapsulate the excitement surrounding the upcoming MLB Draft. Years...

Feb 24, 2020


How confident are you that you chose the right agent?

In a $10 billion industry, it brings a host of characters that want a piece of your business. It can be difficult to know who are the people that have the expertise and the experience to help you.

Too often, the only advice you receive is to do your due diligence....

Feb 24, 2020


Should you sign a professional contract or head to campus?

This is the decision every high school or college player with eligibility will make this upcoming June. This looming decision will have a dramatic impact on the trajectory of your baseball career and life. How prepared and confident are you that you would make...